Adonis Mounchidan

Video Installation of 30 hours
2010 – 2014

My work as an artist has always driven me towards themes that are related to performance. For this project, I had the idea of filming Adonis as he recites his poetry. My ambition was to produce a filmed document of Adonisʼs recited poetry, which would serve, by way of this privileged exam- ple, as a celebration of Arab poetryʼs oral dimension.

When Adonis recites his poetry, he provides it with a bodily dimension. His voice, filled with emo- tions, is at the service of the language, and brings forth its musicality, as well as its warm and sensual tones. It is a tribute to the voice, to the music of the Arabic language, to a tradition that is still very much alive.

This piece disposes of one type of frame, one type of shot, and one type of lighting. The date references before each poem remind the viewer of the performative aspect of this project. Without music and without illustration, the setting is treated minimally (black background). For me, it is simply a matter of bringing the voice and the Arabic language to the forefront.

This project forms the logical conclusion to a book of interviews that I conducted with my father (Conversations avec Adonis, mon père), which was published by Editions du Seuil, Paris in 2006.
Unlike the book, which found me on my fatherʻs own territory (language, writing, literature, the text, the book, etc.), this project consists of a genuine meeting between our respective worlds, the artistic universe and the poetic/literary universe.

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